Our patented EcoBurner system offers hotels a safer, cleaner and greener alternative to chemical chafing fuel burners. We believe that the 100-year old technology of using gel and wick pots is along overdue an update and we are helping hotels to keep their food great, their staff safe and their guests happy through engineering excellence

Our core values are safety, protection of the environment and care for our global community of partners, customers and staff. These are ingrained in all that we do as we listen carefully to develop eco-friendly products that guests around the world are seeking.

We are an Irish company made up of a committed, multidisciplined global team who work together to provide sustainable solutions to hotels around the world. Because our customers are in more than 50 countries, we work closely with our distributor network who are made up of dedicated teams worldwide to ensure more and more customers can benefit from the EcoBurner system.
EcoBurner replaces unsafe, chemical gel & wick type burners that are commonplace in hotels around the world. Our sustainable Eco Burner is refillable, recyclable, produces less carbon and has patented safety features that make it a safer, cleaner and greener portable heat soution. Our EcoServe range is powered by EcoBurner and offers hotels a more stylish option for better food presentaion.

We believe buffets are a great dining option but sometimes presentaion of food is unappealing and systems for keeping food warm are outdated, dangerous to staff and toxic to everyone. We want to improve buffet services everywhere so that guests can enjoy buffets, staff are kept safe and the environmental impact on our earth is reduced.

Hotels in more than 50 countries worldwide have already adopted the EcoBurner system and that number is growing daily as hotel managers realise the benefits and make EcoBurner part of their food service routine.
Realising that the same chemical burners used to warm up rations in World War I were still being used under chafing dishes at the best of hotels and resorts all over the world, our team of engineers developed a much safer, refillable burner that goes under any chafing dish to keep food warm, staff safe and the air cleaner. Our EcoServe range of premium food presentation solutions offers hotels more stylish options for presenting their food creations at buffet services around the world.

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